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A very high proportion of the population associate weight loss with going on a diet. Dieting, however, is a futile, often harmful process of restrictive eating usually caused by body dissatisfaction, re-eoccupation with thinness, and the false belief that self-worth is dependent upon body size. Dieting creates a physiologically driven preoccupation with food and can have devastating results such as eating disorders, weight-loss surgery, or even suicide. Dieting is usually engaged in by people who do not understand or believe that healthy people come in all shapes and sizes and falsely believe that everyone can be slim. The effects of dieting include: 

▶ Preoccupation with food

▶ Increased use of salt, spices, coffee tea, chewing gum, cigarettes 

▶ Strong desire to binge

▶ Irritability

▶ Increased nail biting 

▶ Depression

▶ Lowered self-esteem when diets inevitably fail

▶ Social withdrawal

▶ Reduction in sexual interest

▶ Impaired concentration and impaired judgment

▶ Decreased body temperature, heart rate, and respiration

▶ Lowered metabolism

Despite the dangers and futility of dieting, social pressures to be thin mean that approximately 70% of women are dieting at any given time while 40% continually yo-yo diet.  By age six or seven many girls are fearful of being fat and think they need to lose weight. 95% of people who lose weight through dieting will re-gain the weight lost (and possibly more) within 1-5 years because the human body cannot genetically maintain a permanent alteration in body type.  Every time a person diets to lose weight, the metabolic rate is lowered and therefore affects that person's natural ability to maintain a certain weight and puts them at risk of regaining more weight than they lost.  The diet industry boasts a profit of several £ billion each year from people who believe the false promises of dieting propaganda.  MotivEat has the expertise and experience to help you to achieve permanent weight loss and to re-assess your body's natural healthy weight.  There are no gimmicks or diet products, just a common sense and realistic approach to normal eating.

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