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MotivEat Eating Disorders West Lothian Scotland

“Having inner peace means committing to letting go of self-criticism and self-doubt.”

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Support will be provided in a safe and strictly confidential environment on a one-to-one, couples, family and/or group basis through: 

▶  Face to face discussion

▶  Telephone contact (by arrangement) 

▶  eMail exchange (by arrangement)

Through a multi-dimensional and motivational approach, our Practitioners will gently encourage you to discuss your relationship with food; to offer and create a supportive environment for families with food and weight concerns; to help you as individuals understand what specifically relates to you and, most importantly, to empower you to redefine: 

▶ What is motivating your eating

▶  What normal eating is for you

▶  What is essential to your health 

▶  What being healthy actually means

▶  Why dieting does not work long term

▶  Appropriate exercise choices

▶  Appropriate control around food

▶  Distorted and faulty thinking about food, shape, weight

▶  What being healthy actually means 

▶  Understanding your unique predisposing factors

▶  Relapse prevention

▶  What support mechanisms you need and want

▶  Techniques and strategies to cope with the predisposing factors on an ongoing basis 

In summary, what needs to be addressed are the physical and emotional factors maintaining your eating habits and behaviour.

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