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“Having inner peace means committing to letting go of self-criticism and self-doubt.”

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Eating Problem, Have I Got One?

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How will I know if I have an Eating Problem?  With a high degree of certainty, you have an eating problem if your relationship with food or your attitude about your weight and shape are impacting your day to day life to the extent that your life is less pleasurable.  Typically, people with eating problems are preoccupied with their weight, shape and food.  You may have an eating problem if you experience some of the following: 

➤ Concern about weight, shape and calories 

➤ Unusual eating habits 

➤ Irregular menstruation or ceasing of menstruation 

➤ Depression or irritability 

➤ Guilt or shame about eating 

➤ Strict avoidance of certain foods, particularly those considered fattening or "bad" 

➤ Feeling fat when not "overweight" 

➤ Use of laxatives, diuretics, purgatives 

➤ Excessive exercise in an attempt to control weight 

➤ Vomiting to purge food 

➤ Extreme concern about your appearance and how others view you 

➤ Noticeable weight loss in anorexia 

➤ Frequent weight fluctuation in bulimia 

 If you can relate to any of the experiences outlined above and are concerned about yourself or someone close to you. 

Contact MotivEat to discuss how you can deal with your concerns.

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