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“Having inner peace means committing to letting go of self-criticism and self-doubt.”

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MotivEat is an independent private practice in the heart of West Lothian, Scotland. We also work on a referral basis with other professionals in the fields of health, fitness, nutrition and counselling.

MotivEat comes from a play on the word Motivate to reflect what we are offering, which is to help you: to be Motivated to Eat in a way that helps you maintain Motivation for Physical Health find effective solutions for maintaining Weight Loss with recovery from Eating Disorders We already know you are a unique person and acknowledge you have a unique history with unique food and exercise requirements. 

There are tens of millions of people around the world who have a history of failed dieting and who are suffering from Eating disorders. Isolation and loneliness are experienced by so many sufferers who feel beyond help. 

Reach out - be brave - what you are currently dealing with takes strength to bear. Lighten the load with someone who has an understanding of what you are struggling with. So many people have a great deal of phobia, fear and guilt around eating and constantly measure themselves by what they think and feel about their bodies. 

People struggle to help themselves through trying various diets, dieting products, starving themselves or buying over the counter medicines to purge their bodies. Sadly, all of this is in vain. Take, for example, the addictive nature of overeating, the anguish, the memory blanks, the inability to stop, the constant search for new diets, the emotional highs of losing weight and the guilt and shame of gaining it back seems to be consistent and rampant in our culture. It does not need to be like this forever.

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